RIBN Voices


Third Year Wilmington RIBN student indicated the reason she chose RIBN was because "you have both schools available to you and their resources, but it's less expensive". . ."You are still getting a Bachelor's at the end, but those first three years with Cape Fear allows you to get the same degree but for a little less."  (read Lindsey's story and more>>)

What MORE students love about the RIBN Program

"the best part about being in the RIBN program is that I am now working as a RN a year before I would be able to if I had chosen a standard BSN program."  Morgan, ENC RIBN Student

“My favorite thing about RIBN is I get to attend two of the best nursing schools around my hometown.  -- Julie, ENC RIBN Student

"I chose to join the RIBN program was because of the awesome benefits that the RIBN program offers."      -- 2015 - 2017 Hickory RIBN Student

“That we never have to be ‘alone’. So many cool people to help us, like [the SSA], friends and even seniors.  --2013-2017 Western RIBN Student

“There is no question you are in a nursing program. From day one you are considered a nursing student, at a four year school you are not guaranteed to get into the nursing program even after you have been there for two years.”  --2013-2017 Western RIBN Student

“The opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree without having huge student loans, the ability to work as an RN the 4 the year.”  --2011-2015 Western RIBN Student

“The opportunity and guarantee to know from day one that you are accepted into a nursing program and not having to wait two years taking pre requisites in the hope that you can be accepted into a program. As well as having 3 years of nursing/clinical experience. I'm sure this hands on time will be very beneficial. I also really like the affordability of RIBN!”  --2012-2016 Western RIBN Student

“The best thing about being a RIBN student is you will have two degrees within four years. Your schedule is taken care of so you know what and when you have to take the classes you need.” --Jarred, ENC RIBN

“The best thing about being an ENC RIBN student is having a guaranteed spot in nursing. The advisors who have your back the whole way through. Being able to stay close to home and the friendships you make with the girls in your school. The cost is also pretty affordable.” --Danielle, ENC RIBN

“The best thing about being an ENC RIBN student is being able to have such a great support system of people who want to help you and who have the same goals as you do. Knowing that you have people who can understand how much work you are doing, and who can help you become a better student is amazing.”  --Danielle, ENC RIBN

“The best things about being a RIBN student are being able to attend nursing classes at a community college where you get more individualized attention while earning a BSN, the affordability, and our advisor who is especially helpful and does everything in her power to help us succeed.” --Morgan, ENC RIBN

The Foundation for Nursing Excellence coordinated the RIBN project from 2008-2016 with financial support from The Duke Endowment, the Jonas Center for Nursing Excellence, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the NC Area Health Education Centers.